The library of the college has a good collection of classics, textbooks, reference books on prescribed subjects. The library subscribes more than eighteen state and National level journals and periodicals. The Present collection of library is 13155 books. It is named after the great writer Late Mrs. Sarojini Babar who has donated hundreds of books to our Library.

The college has its full-fledged Gymkhana facilities and spacious playground. The physical Director of this college has worked as a coach and team manager in the University level tournaments as well as in the inter University and other national level tournaments.

We have privilege to state that there are very few colleges which have got NCC units after 1992 and our college is one of them.   N.C.C. Unit started in this college in June 1994. The intake capacity of this unit is 54 (fifty four male students). It is obligatory for N.C.C. cadets to attend all parades regularly. This particular unit offers an opportunity to the student to lead a life a difference it is the B & C certificate in N.C.C. help students for their recruitment in the Defense Services. We are proud to state that our N.C.C. cadets have achieved the great Honour of participation in the Republic Day parade in New Delhi.

N.S.S. unit started in the college in June 1992. In this scheme, 200 students from B.A. B.Com. B.Sc. B.B.A. I, II and III can participate. The Unit inculcates various values and organizes several civic oriented activities - such as Tree Plantation, Blood Donation Camp, Construction of Nala Bunding, AIDS Awareness Programmes, and Literacy Campaign etc. In addition to this, N.S.S. unit organizes special 10 day camp.

 Youth Festival:
To develop the all round personality of the students, Youth festival committee motivates and encourages students to participate in district  level, central level youth festival and zonal level youth festivals.

To check the academic performance of the students, the college conducts two periodical tests, terminal examination and preliminary examination. It is compulsory for students to appear for all the examinations.

 Parent-Teacher Association:

Parent-Teacher Association intends to hold discussion on regularity, punctuality, academic progress and overall development of the students.

 Cultural Association:
The college has Marathi Abhyas Mandal, Hindi Sahitya Munch and Barr. P.G. Patil English Literary Association, History Abhyas Mandal and Geography Abhyas Mandal. These associations organize guest lectures, quiz competitions, Seminars, essay writing competitions and elocution competitions.
Vivek Wahini:

The main objective of Vivek Wahini is to eradicate superstitious belief and disbelief, to develop scientific outlook and National thinking among the students. Vivek Wahini organizes weekly group discussion, Debating on current topics, miracle show etc.

Standing Committee:
The main functioning of this committee is to guard the interests and to solve the problems of students related to admissions, distribution of B.C. Scholarships, academic development programmes of the students coming from weaker section of the society and educationally disadvantaged communities.

 Health and Counseling Centre:
To provide basic medical facilities to the students as well as the faculty members and office staff, the college started health and councelling centre at the college - Dr. H.S. Kadam has been providing these medical facilities

Anti Sexual Harassment / Grievance Redressal Cell:
It was established in the college on July 4, 2001. It aims at keeping the atmosphere in the campus healthy and solve the complaints lodged by the female students and faculty members.

Students’ Aid Fund:
In order to help the poor, needy, desirous and deserving economically backward students, the college has made the provision of Student's Aid Fund.

Career Guidance Cell:
This cell organizes various student centered programmes for their development and betterment in life and future career.

Student Welfare Schemes:
The following are the students’ welfare schemes.

Fee concessions:

  • E.B.C.
  • P.T.C.     
  • S.S.T.
  • Free ship for B.C. Students
  • Concession forwards of the soldiers.


  • National Merit Scholarship  
  • Hindi Scholarship
  • M.S. Merit Scholarship (Rural Students)
  • Govt. of India Scholarship for B.C. Students
  • Scholarship for handicap
  • Scholarship for the children of freedom fighter.
  • Shivaji University Scholarship

(Suggestions regarding free ships and scholarships are displayed on students notice board.)

Tejaswini Puraskar :
An outstanding girl from each faculty amount of Rs. 1000/- as Tejaswini Puraskar by   
Kumudini Pawar ( Dr. Sarogini Babar Memorial Award)