Master of Arts [M.A.]


Subjects                M.A. I


Compulsory Papers:-
Paper No. I                    Society, Religion and Culture in Early India [from earliest times upto 6th Century B. C.
Paper No. II                   Polity & Administration in Mediaval India (1000-1707 A.D.)      

Optional Papers:-

Paper No. III                  India Under the Company Rule (1775 – 1857 A. D.)
Paper No. IV                  Modern Maharashtra (1818 - 1990)               

Subjects                 M.A. II

Paper No. V                   History of Freedom Movement in India (1857 - 1947)
Paper No. VI                  Modern World (1901-2000)            
Paper No. VII                 Women in Indian History
Paper No. VIII                Historical Application in Tourism