1992                       Year of Establishment
1993                       Commencement of Arts Faculty
1998                       Organization of Youth Festival
1999                       Participation in Zonal Youth Festival
2000                       Commencement of College Vocational Courses
2001                       Commencement of Mega-play  Shambhu Raje
2000                       Commencement of Shivaji University, Vocational Courses
2004                       Accreditation of College by NAAC with C++ Grade
2007                       Commencement of B.B.A. Faculty
2008                       Commencement of B.Com. Faculty
2008                       Commencement of Course in Universal Human Values
2010                       2(F) Recognition by UGC, New Delhi
2011                       Permission of Shivaji University to start Study Centre of Distance Education
2012                       Commencement of B.Sc. Faculty
2012                       Organization of State and National Level Seminars