Sanstha Profile

Rahimatpur has a rich historical, cultural and religious heritage. To bring about an intellectual awakening among the people of Rahimatpur and its neighboring villages Dr. Kakasahab Paranjape, a firm educationist whose talent was approved at the global level laid the foundation of this historic Institution in September 1942. After Dr. Kakasaheb Paranjape, the administration of the parent institute was shouldered by Late Mr. Babasaheb Mane. He developed Sanstha with vision and mission. Hon. Sardar Babasaheb Mane started senior college to fulfill the aspirations of students from the lower and middle income group families in the vicinity. The College offered them an opportunity for development after completing their plus two level education. At present there are eight educational units from pre-primary to undergraduate level. And more than five thousand aspiring students from pre-primary to graduate level are studying in various units of the sanstha.