Vision & Mission

Our Motto : 

“Dnyanam, Balam, Shilam, Lalityadinam Samvardhanam”

Our Mission :

To foster and promote knowledge, Strength, Character, variety of Arts and Right Attitude in life through transmission of quality education to the learners.

Our Goals :

  • To Develop human resources by imparting formal, liberal education through the    study of Languages and Social Sciences.
  • To inculcate National, Cultural and Social Values among learners and local inhabitants by organizing variety of programs and activities.
  • To search out and nurture rural talent by conducting various competitions, such as debating, organizing Youth Festival and conducting Achievement tests.
  • To provide various opportunities to youths for all round development of personality through sports, athletic events cultural programs etc.
  • To make students qualitatively more competent and to develop their self- employability by enrolling students for various types of skill based, job-oriented courses.
  • To aim at not only to produce  well trained  man power needed for the society but also train our students fraternity in order to make them responsible and civilized citizens of the country by organizing various types of value based programs.


Our Dream & Commitment:

            We want to see our students as the able & global citizens. For them the education of the Arts, Commerce, Science and Computer & Management is must. So we offer all these courses under one roof. We propose to develop our students at the confluence of conventional education, social sciences, & by imparting them the education of professional courses. We visualize them by rendering their valuable services in the annuals of administration, education, banking, creative writing & several other related professions. We dream that our students will be the architects of that India which will lead the world as the superpower with complete loyalties to values, principles & welfare to the world community & humanity.